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Let's Make a Movie

A platform for film enthusiasts to connect and network with each other.

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Let's Make a Movie




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A platform for film enthusiasts
to connect and network with each other.

Main Goal

The main issue with the existing project was lacking with user interface design and functionality. However the project had existing 13,000 users when starting the project, the goal was to reach 20,000+ users which is another 7k users.

Needed a new brand identity, fresh new design focusing on movie industry talents and functional features using the latest technology.


  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Web Design
  • Web Development &
  • Apps & User Interface
  • Campaign
  • Email Newsletters
  • Design for social
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Branding & Identity

Brand Guideline
that can show you the

The project was not in a great shape when I started handling the existing project. So, I have offered to create a new brand identity & guideline to follow along throughout the process of design and development.

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Let's Make a Movie Logo



Playfair Display

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Web Design & Development

Finding a great talent
is simple as a click.

Whether your're a filmmaker, technician or actor; create your free profile, search and connect with the lmam community.

   20,000+ Talents

   Simple Navigation

   Responsive Design

   Realtime Database Architecture

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Web Design & Development

One place
For everyone.

Motivating talents to get started on LMAM was a pretty hard task and I had to figure out how to attract new comers to create their profile on the site.

So, I had an idea to integrate a large amount of movie stars database to the site and start giving an idea of how users could showcase their profile like these movie stars.

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The Talent page design is created upon a complex grid layout, supporting the philosophy that the ‘image is everything’ and advertising is crucial to the site.

Web Design & Development

Talent Profiles

One of the hardest task about this project was to design the best talent profile page. We had been constantly updating the talent profile page design until we get to this point where we can showcase every single information in a structured and well thought way by doing market research and A-B testing on the site.

The Talent page can handle unlimited amount of films, friends videos and photos where the talent wants to showcase to attract their clients.

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Web Design & Development

Love watching movies?
Buy and Rent
movies on LMAM.

Since Let's Make a Movie is all about Movies, we had to showcase our own movies with all other movies out there on the market. I built the online movie cinema to buy and rent movies on the website.

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I didn't just make it pretty,
Below are the outcome of the project.


Total Conversions


Page Views




New user sign up


App Store Downloads


Campaign conversions

Movie Industry talents loved the site being their main tool to showcase their work. Many users have gave us thoughts and ideas about improving the site thoughout the process which helped me to design and develop the most useful features for the users such as Chat Feature.

The outcome results has a drastically increased in both conversion rates and current signed users.